Exhibitor Info – Spring H&G Show

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Prospective Exhibitors

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Current Exhibitors

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Why exhibit?

Consumers today are spending more and more time inside and outside their largest investment…their home! As home buying slows down, consumers are improving the home they live in. Our goal is to bring buyers of these services to you so you can show what you can do “face to face”. This year’s event will again be the highlight of the Spring season. Since 1981, this successful event has proven to be a great source of leads and sales for home and garden businesses across the country. Our promotion is second to none as we have over 35 years of experience using radio, television, newspaper, billboards, magazines, discount coupons, group tickets, press releases and now social media to help promote this huge event. We are the leading Home & Garden Show in Maryland and we are committed to your success. Below are demographics for the show.

Show Demographics

  • Age

    44% are age 36-50
    27% are age 50+
    24% are age 26-35
    5% are under age 25

  • Household Income

    42% $61k – $100k
    38% $100k+
    15% $31k – $60k
    5% under $30k

  • Home Ownership

    89% own their home!

  • Approximate Home Value

    44% $400k+
    36% $251k – $400k
    17% $151k – $250k
    4% under $150k

Booth Rental Information

We suggest that all exhibitors use a floor covering for their individual booths to enhance their display. Carpet is not laid in aisles that border gardens due to watering issues. Please plan accordingly.

Booth Rental Includes
  • Fully draped booth per decorator specifications
  • 7” x 44” identity sign
  • Listing in show program for those contracted by January 29
  • Listing on our web site
  • Security during show hours
  • Aisle carpet (except where it borders a garden)
  • Free discount coupons
  • Customized VIP tickets (50 to send to your best customers) if contracted and paid by January 15.
    • After January 15, you receive 10 generic VIP tickets.

Booth Rates

Commercial Booths
Single booths are 10’ x 10’ unless noted.

1 Booth                    $1,650
2 Booths                  $3,250
3 Booths                  $4,800

Each Additional Booth $1,500
Corners $200 Extra

Garden Related Items
$750 Per Booth
Corners $100 Extra

Live Plants
$375 Per Booth
Corners $100 Extra

Non-commercial booths
No charge for Gardens, non-profit associations, educational booths, plant societies. Selling of products is prohibited in these areas.


 If you have any questions about space availability, please contact Jon Plummer at 410-863-1180 or via email jonp@slprod.com


“This past week, Mon Tues Wed sold about 180k in work, then Saturday sold a 70k project. A quarter million in one week! Best sales week of my life.”

“I’m so happy that we decided to do the show, and wanted to thank you very much for giving us that last spot, and having that platform available for us to put on a display. We are going to be doing some really interesting work in the near future, I’ll send an email or two and keep you updated.”

Sponsorship Opportunities

Presenting Sponsorship – Available

Our presenting sponsor becomes a virtual partner in our shows as we customize their engagement with our attendees as well as our exhibitors. We are committed to the sponsor’s success and will work closely with the sponsor to reach your objectives via advertising, social media and an on-site presence. Call Jay Plummer at 410-863-1180 to discuss the possibilities and to create a customized platform for your success.

Home & Garden Theater Sponsorship – $3,000

Our seminars are a very popular feature of the show. Topics range from gardening to home improvement help and everything in between. Your company will be mentioned over the public address system each time a seminar is announced to the crowd. You will get signage at the Home & Garden Theatre and it will be acknowledged in the show program and on our web site. In addition, you will receive 50 VIP tickets to use at your discretion.

Shuttle Bus Sponsorship – $2,500

Each day of the show, we provide shuttle service that runs throughout the fairgrounds parking areas to bring consumers right to our buildings. This is very much appreciated by our attendees and you can take the credit for providing the service via your sponsorship. Signage will be placed on each bus/trolley with your company logo and/or message. Your company will be mentioned on our announcements which run approximately every 20 minutes during the show. In addition, you will receive 50 VIP tickets to use at your discretion. You will be acknowledged on our web site and in the show program as the Shuttle Bus Sponsor. This service creates tremendous good will and when there is poor weather attendees will appreciate you even more!

Custom sponsorships

Other sponsorships may be available. With all of our sponsorships, we can tailor them to meet the needs of your company. Please contact Jay Plummer at (410) 863-1180 or jayp@slprod.com to customize a sponsorship today.